Gulf Coast Galgos, Inc.

Adopt a Galgo

Gulf Coast Galgos, Inc. is based in Southwest Florida and adopts dogs to approved homes in the state of Florida. To be considered a candidate for adoption, some of our basic requirements include having a six foot fence, or a commitment to daily leash walking. The need for a safe harness is also mandatory.  The adoption fee includes transport, spay/neuter, a European Pet Passport, vaccinations, microchip and clearance for all Mediterranean diseases.
The dogs are observed for temperament
so that they can be placed accurately and
in the best situation possible for them.

Gulf Coast Galgos, Inc. is currently working
with 112 Carlota Galgos .  If you see a dog
available for adoption with this group and
are serious about adopting a Galgo, please
contact Gulf Coast Galgos, Inc. for
further information.

Available Dogs